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Just people helping people.

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Happy. Joyous. Free.

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Who we are.

We are your brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, friends and coworkers. We are the people that fix your cars, care for your children, and make your coffee. We are people in recovery.

Why we do it.

21M Americans struggle with addiction, yet less than 10% get help. Drug overdoses have tripled since 1990. 120 American's die every day from drug use. We want to make a difference.

Best Sober App
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What we are.

YANA is comprised of people that are on a mission to live a healthy and sober life. We help each other do just that, one day at a time.

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Proudly built in Austin.

Austin has one of the most vibrant recovery communities anywhere. We love this city and are proud to call it home.

Our founders.

Two friends met while working at the same tech company in NYC. They drank...a lot.

Several years later, fate would reunite them in Austin, TX where they would both get sober.

Shortly thereafter, YANA was born.

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